Maids get Hong Kong residency    

It is illegal for domestic helpers in Hong Kong to receive  permanent residency, regardless of how many years they have lived in Hong Kong. A Filipino maid,Evangeline Banao Vallejos, has successfully won the opening legal battle in her fight for permanent residency, although the government will likely appeal. The article effectively conveys both sides of the argument and provides sufficient context on the complexities of the case. The article ends by providing some facts about how the case will continue, making it a balanced piece. The article mainly relied on Vellejos’ lawyers for quotes and it may have been useful to also include a quote from Hong Kong Chinese residents about their opinion.

US Senate apologizes for the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882   

The Chinese Exclusion Act was the first major law restricting immigration to the United States. The Senate passed a bill this month to apologize for the past discrimination against the Chinese community. The reporting provides a factual account of the background and hints at the current discriminatory immigration laws for Latinos. Since the author was providing a point of view about current immigration laws, it would have been helpful to include more  information or sources on unfair practices against Latinos at the end of the article.

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