Rebecca Ellis comments on posting to youtube from October 10, 2010:

Sunday marked the first day a bilingual mass meeting was held across from Zuccotti Park, where protesters have been camped out since September 17. More than 50 participants met on the other side of Broadway across from the park underneath the giant orange cube statue.
The video does not do justice to giving background or relaying the content very well. It is hard to capture all this because, for one, they are using the “people’s mic,” which is the improvised means the protesters use to communicate without permission to use a sound system in the park. This is already a cumbersome communication method. Adding another language in the mix complicates it even more. The Spanish speaker was not “mic’ed” properly and only her human amplification was somewhat audible. Using only video to report this causes a lot of reporting to be lost. It would have been better to have included a printed portion, truly making this a multimedia report. The printed portion could have better explained the background. Subtitles could have been used in the video to clarify the languages and make up for the poor sound quality.