Posted by Dervedia Thomas

A record number of illegal immigrants will be deported to the Caribbean this year according to the The Stabrock News, a daily newspaper in Guyana.

Among them will be more killers, fugitives and other law breakers that will be released to the region without timely information about their records.

This article highlights a problem that is rarely discussed in the U.S immigration debate. At issue is how Caribbean countries are affected by a sudden release of persons without any information about their past.

The article provided credible source information including a quote from Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and numbers from US Immigration and Customs Enforcement of the number of persons deported who were convicted criminals.

I would however have liked to have a quote from someone who knows where these persons go when they get to their native countries and if they were involved in serious criminal activity, including gang activity, what the consequences might be for their home countries.

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