The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement reported today that it deported a staggering 400,000 illegal aliens, a record breaking number of deportees for the federal agency in a fiscal year that ends in September.

According to ICE statistics, 55 percent of the deportees committed a felony, but the story does not disclose if the alleged crime centered on a technical breach, such as overstaying past a worker or travel permit or returning to the United States upon deportation. Also, the story neglects to discuss where the deportees are mainly transported to and how much it costs tax payers annually to carryout the deportations. The author is also silent on whether or not due process is applicable to non citizens.

The article did, however, place the spotlight on the number of hardcore crimes committed by illegal immigrants, including homicides, sexual offenses and drug-related incidents, among other examples of criminal activity. More information on the AP article shared by CBS can be found at: