Posted by Dervedia Thomas


Violence related to drug activity has spiked in the Mexican city of Cuidad Juarez. Photo source

The spike in kidnappings, murders and extortion that forces people to flee Cuidad Juarez on the Mexican border and seek refugee status in the United States was the main focus of a recent visit to El Paso, Texas, by the U.S. Bishops’ Subcommittee on Catholic Home Missions.

The Committee that is responsible for funding allocation heard accounts from victims, professors and directors of outreach programs to get a better understanding of the issues that confront the Catholic Church’s outreach missions.

The article that appeared in the National Catholic Reporter, contained detailed accounts of victims’ experiences as well as quotes from persons who work with the victims. The article would have been more compelling if this information was placed higher up in the story instead of in the bottom half. To much emphasis was placed on who was at the forum, and the agenda for the meeting in the top half.