The fish boat (Photo credit: La Repubblica)

Posted by Alessandra Potenza

On October 24, a fish boat with 151 Egyptian immigrants onboard was stopped by the police off the shore of Bari, Puglia, south-eastern Italy. Seventy immigrants were deported back to Egypt, while 68 minors were brought into immigration centers in Campania and Sicily. The 13 smugglers who were on the boat with them were all arrested. The police thinks they are tied a criminal organization.

This news made me relate the story of these immigrants with that of Enrique we’ve been reading about. After crossing the Mediterranean on a fish boat crowded with other 151 immigrants in horrible conditions, the majority of these people were deported back to Egypt, where it all started. At the end of the day, the immigrants will find themselves where they started, without the money they paid their smugglers to get to Italy,

I think the Italian government should be more understandable in this period, especially because these people from the Middle east and North Africa are escaping from the difficult situations following the Arab springs. At the same time, Europe should help Italy cope with this intense immigration wave. Italy is a small and crowded country, already plagued by unemployment. We definitely need help dealing with such immigration issues.

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