A recent radio segment on NPR’s Morning Edition reports that the five children of illegal immigrants attending state schools in Florida are suing the state over being charged out of state tuition. Several students filed a class action lawsuit arguing that they should be paying in-state tuition since they were born in the United States. The state of Florida contends that since their parents entered the country illegally and don’t have the proper documentation, they cannot receive in-state tuition. Out-of-state tuition is as much as three times higher, the segment reported.

The development comes on the heels of several states passing laws that dictate even undocumented immigrants can receive in-state tuition. California and Texas have been two of the largest states to pass such a measure. The result of this case could help shift the momentum towards or away from offering more help to immigrants and their children in attending college.

Read about the segment and listen to it at NPR.