The federal government leveled a law suit on Monday against the State of South Carolina, in an effort to thwart a newly approved state law on immigration that is sweeping in scope. The legislative initiative would require law enforcement agents to contact immigration officials if a stopped driver evokes suspicion of being in the country illegally, and it would require all businesses to check the legal status of new hires through a federal online system. It even makes it a felony to transport an illegal immigrant. The law is schedule to be enacted on Jan. 1.
While the story captures the state’s desire to curb illegal immigration, it neglects to show what spurred the law and how the legislative initiative will offer a sensible solution to immigration, since some pundits feel that the immigrants will relocate to another state.
The story would have been stronger had it included the voice of a state police association (do the officers feel trained? do they feel this law is ethical? are the officers being setup for racial profiling lawsuits?), and the voice of an opposing religious or immigration advocacy group. Summary by Luis Perez. More information can be read at: