An immigrant from Bolivia, Carlos Martinelly Montano, was found guilty of murder in a drunk driving case that killed a Benedictine nun, Sister Denise Mosier, and injured two other nuns in Bristow, Virginia. The fatal accident took place about a year ago.
A judge rendered the guilty verdict on Monday.
This was a court story; it was brief and straightforward, but it would have been much stronger had it included statistic by the AAA or and perhaps an immigration opponent watchdog group, including Conservative Hideout, on the amount annual fatal accidents that involve illegal immigrants versus mainstream/legal drivers. Also, it would have been interesting to get a response from groups that advocate for immigrants acquiring licenses (these groups quiet often advance the public safety argument), to have heard the voice of the church dioceses on the outcome of the legal case, and to have received an update on the condition of the two nuns who were injured. 
The story appeared in the NY Daily News, and it was reported and written by the 
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Summary by Luis Perez