Recently, Telemundo, a Spanish-language media outlet, reported that a caravan of 30 mothers from Honduras, Nicaragua and Salvador traveled to Mexico with the aim of retracing the steps of missing or unaccounted for immigrant relatives.
Equipped with placards, photos of loved ones, and a slogan, “Sigo tu huella con la esperanza de encontrarte”/ “we are going to retrace your footsteps with the hope of finding you,” the mothers are hoping to place the spotlight on a growing trend of abduction and physical abuses that are taking place against non Mexican immigrants in their quest to make it into the US. In November of 2010, 72 immigrants from Central and South America were allegedly killed by a Mexican drug-trafficking gang.
The story is well written and fairly discusses the abuses that take place against immigrants as well as the support being offered by the Mexican government to thwart human rights abuses.
Summarized by Luis Perez
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