1) Leading Spanish media outlet, Univision, reports that there is consternation and uproar among civil liberty and advocacy groups about a proposed Utah state law, known as HB497, that would give law enforcement agents broader powers, including the ability to request immigration documents from an arrestee and to report an arrestee with the ICE. Critics charge that this expansion of law enforcement authority is dangerous since it can pave the way for racial profiling and harassment. Now, critics are urging the Department of Justice to intervene as law suits are flying all over the place.

The article is well written and reported, but it would had a stronger punch had it discussed the genesis of the proposed law, such as why are some people in favor of this law, and how the HB497 law reflects what is being proposed in South Carolina. Also, it would be interesting to see if this proposed law is influencing immigrants, like in the Alabama situation, to move to neighboring states and how the states that neighbor Utah feel about an influx of immigrants moving into their respective state. Summary by Luis Perez

More information can be found at:http://bit.ly/shGhK1


 2) Like I shared in my blog that discussed the proposed South Carolina immigration law,

Puerto Ricans, who are both Hispanics and Americans, were going to be subject to scrutiny and harassment. In Alabama, this is already taking place. Scores of Puerto Ricans have been exposed to secondhand treatment and potentially discriminatory practices. For example, there is a woman named Carmen who was asked by her employer to submit a legitimate US birth certificate. A miffed Carmen retorted that as a Puerto Rican she is an automatic US citizen. Her boss continued to press on by asking, “what area of New Mexico or lower California is Puerto Rico located?”

More than a geography gaffe, the ignorance underscores the potential problems that the Alabama law pose for Hispanics who are US citizens. The story does a great job in capturing this point. It would have been nice to have a quote from US Congressman Luis Guiterrez, of Chicago, who is a fierce advocate of immigrants and who is of Puerto Rican ancestry. Summary by Luis Perez

More information can be found by reading Univision.com at: http://bit.ly/sj7iM6